New models are needed to address the challenges of the ever more complex community system


is on 4 domains

Smart Communiites

performance management

Urban technologies

Technology fusion

NRG4Cast – Energy Forecasting is developing real-time management, analytics and forecasting services for energy distribution networks in urban/rural communities. We are analysing information regarding network topology and devices, energy demand and consumption, environmental data and energy prices data.


We are building the new models for Smart Communities
Many technologies are around us, we need to use it in the right way.

New models are needed to address the challenges of the ever more complex community system; the needs and expectations of citizens, effective and efficient management of the resources and innovation potential for value creation. Communities need to change to competitive industrial community and they need to be ready for new challenges, transforming itself into innovative, “smart” community. The Smart Community Intelligence model is defined as the strategic roadmap for investments in human and social capital and community infrastructure, using advanced “smart” technologies to develop interactive communication networks and thus ensure the most effective management of the resources through participatory action and engagement of the whole community. It is based on four key underlying principles for community development; strategic orientation, sustainable and balanced developed and active participation of the citizens in community management. The over-reaching objective is to develop comprehensive, integrated and interactive information system for real-time monitoring of the situation and improvements in the community system as a tool for most effective and efficient management, communication and decision making.

Core Team

Simon Mokorel

Simon Mokorel is a developer of the new products, new business models and technologies fusion. Simon Mokorel, BSc. graduated in 1992 on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana. He is one of the author of the design centre “crossroads of creativity”.

Michael Witbrock

Michael Witbrock is a computer scientist in the field of artificial intelligence. Dr. Witbrock holds a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and is particularly interested in automating the process of knowledge acquisition and elaboration.

By 2030, most of the municipalities in Alpine region will be on the way towards intelligent region.

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